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Greenwich Real Estate Guy's Blog: 2nd Quarter Market Report and July 28th Open House List 

The Greenwich Real Estate Guy's Blog: 2nd Quarter Market Report and July 28th Open House List 
A weekly analysis brought to you by Greenwich Real Estate Guy.



The blog that was sent earlier was last week's edition.  My computer is acting crazy.  Here is this weeks with the list of July 28th Open homes.
I apologize for the delay in getting this out to you.  I am having bad  computer issues.  Who knew working keyboards made such a difference.  Unfortunately, given the state of the computer I cannot do links or featured property.  They ordered a new keyboard for Tuesday so we should be all set for next week.  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  You can enter the address here to see the link manually.  I will be hosting an open house at 444 Old Church from 2-4 p.m. Come by and visit this incredible value.
Pictured above is our 2nd Quarter Market Report.  As you can see the market is still a trying market for sellers, where pricing and value are the two deciding factors.
There's something for everyone to enjoy in Greenwich, Connecticut during our summer months. The Town of Greenwich operates an 18-hole golf course, numerous tennis courts, a beautiful new pool, pristine beaches and even seasonal ferry service to Island Beach Park and Great Captains Island for residents. If that's not enough we have spacious inland and coastal parks for hiking, riding horses and mountain biking.

The summer, however, tends to be quieter in real estate. While we saw a modest improvement in market conditions in the second quarter it wasn't enough to erase the losses from the previous quarter. Home sales dropped 12% year over year in Q2. A weak NYC market, the impact of recent tax reforms and a perception that the market has more room to decline has kept some buyers patiently on the sidelines. Those that have stepped up and are making offers are getting value-driven deals done.
What catches a buyer's attention today? Strategic initial pricing plays a key role in reducing days on market and maximizing a selling price. In 2019, it's taken, on average, more than 230 days to sell a home. However, when a home is priced in a way that doesn't require a reduction to sell the average days on market falls to just 80 days. With inventory on the rise, it is more important than ever to price leaner than the competition. Condition also plays a critical role in attracting buyers today. Buyers are doing their initial home tours online and a seller can run the risk of rejection before the buyer even physically visits a home. Savvy sellers have noticed and are sprucing up their homes and often staging them to get more online clicks, showings and offers.
Among the highlights from the second quarter was a nearly 40% jump in the geography North of the Merritt Parkway. Buyers have taken notice of price declines here and stepped in to take advantage of the value propositions. Mid-Country Greenwich also experienced a nearly 8% increase in home sales last quarter. Value is proving to dictate where the buyers perform.
We are grateful to our world class agents and loyal clients who have made Houlihan Lawrence retain our leadership position in Greenwich, Connecticut for more than four and a half years. Thank you.

There are 89 Open Homes this Sunday.  
 Street Name   Area   List Price   Time   Listing Office 
 67 Prospect Street   Greenwich   $7.3K   1-3 p.m.   Compass 
 165 Lake Avenue   Greenwich   $9K   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 31 Lockwood Road   Riverside   $11K   1-3 p.m.   Raveis 
 19 Brown House Road   Old Greenwich   $12K   2-4 p.m.   BHHS 
 40 W. Elm Street #6D   Greenwich   $13.5K   12-2 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 49 Valley Road #D1   Cos Cob   $389K   2-4 p.m.   BHHS 
 69 Putnam Park   Greenwich   $449K   2-4 p.m.   Raveis 
 47 Pemberwick Road   Greenwich   $495K   2-4 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 47 Pemberwick Road   Greenwich   $495K   2-4 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 98 Valley Road #45   Cos Cob   $595K   2-4 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 5 Green Lane #A   Greenwich   $599K   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 50 Sound Beach Avenue   Riverside   $669K   12-2 p.m.   Raveis 
 1 Scott Lane   Greenwich   $699K   2:30-4:30 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 33 Halsey Drive   Old Greenwich   $750K   1-3 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 29 Sheephill Road   Riverside   $795K   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 29 Sheephill Road   Riverside   $795K   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 41 Sound Beach Avenue   Old Greenwich   $839.5K   2-4 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 115 River Road #7   Cos Cob   $850K   1-3 p.m.   Executive 
 16 Weaver Street   Greenwich   $850K   11-1 p.m.   Compass 
 29 Old Kings Highway   Old Greenwich   $889K   1-4 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 4 Comly Avenue   Greenwich   $889K   2-4 p.m.   Higgins Group 
 14 Indian Pass   Greenwich   $925K   10-12 p.m.   New England Land 
 42 Cognewaugh Road   Cos Cob   $975K   1-3 p.m.   BHHS 
 500 River Road #17   Cos Cob   $1.125M   2-4 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 19 Field Road   Cos Cob   $1.125M   1-3 p.m.   William Pitt Sotheby's 
 99 Loughlin Avenue   Cos Cob   $1.169M   1-3 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 8 View Street   Greenwich   $1.279M   1-3 p.m.   BHHS 
 51 Forest Avenue #95   Old Greenwich   $1.299M   2-4 p.m.   Douglas Elliman 
 21 Heusted Drive   Old Greenwich   $1.35M   1-3 p.m.   BHHS 
 73 Weaver Street #15   Greenwich   $1.395M   2-4 p.m.   Raveis 
 4 Shelter Drive   Cos Cob   $1.42M   2-4 p.m.   Raveis 
 67 Prospect Street   Greenwich   $1.495M   1-3 p.m.   Compass 
 63 Wildwood Drive   Greenwich   $1.4988M   12-2 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 19 Old Stone Bridge   Cos Cob   $1.499M   2-4 p.m.   Park Allyn 
 1 Lia Fail Way   Cos Cob   $1.545M   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 9 Comly Terrace   Greenwich   $1.549M   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 3 Old Farm Lane   Old Greenwich   $1.549M   1-3 p.m.   Compass 
 115 Dingletown Road   Greenwich   $1.55M   1-4 p.m.   BHHS 
 33 Ferncliff Road   Cos Cob   $1.55M   2-4 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 22 Sumner Road   Greenwich   $1.574M   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 25 Linwood Abenue   Riverside   $1.575M   2-4 p.m.   Halstead 
 7 Lia Fail Way   CC   $1.595M   2-4 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 556 Stanwich Road   Greenwich   $1.595M   1-3 p.m.   BHHS 
 14 Rockview Drive   Greenwich   $1.635M   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 11 Ricki Beth Lane   Old Greenwich   $1.6495M   1-3 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 11 Greenwich Cove   Old Greenwich   $1.695M   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 244 Stanwich Road   Greenwich   $1.695M   1-3 p.m.   BHHS 
 7 Stanwich Road   Greenwich   $1.698M   2-4 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 55 Church Street #B   Greenwich   $1.699M   12-2 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 9 Glenville Street   Greenwich   $1.75M   2-4 p.m.   Raveis 
 89 Lower Cross Road   Greenwich   $1.795M   1-3 p.m.   BHHS 
 6 Sandy Lane   Greenwich   $1.895M   2-4 p.m.   Douglas Elliman 
 1361 King Street   Greenwich   $1.925M   1-4 p.m.   Raveis 
 11 Anthony Place   Riverside   $1.995M   12-2 p.m.   Five Corner's 
 293 Riversville Rod   Greenwich   $1.995M   1-3 p.m.   BHHS 
 1 Ford Lane   Old Greenwich   $2.0875M   12-4 p.m.   BHHS 
 31 Lockwood Road   Riverside   $2.095M   1-3 p.m.   Raveis 
 4 Orchard Street   Cos Cob   $2.095M   1-4 p.m.   Miha Zajec 
 4 Orchard Street   Cos Cob   $2.15M   1-4 p.m.   Miha Zajec 
 165 Lake Avenue   Greenwich   $2.15M   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 215 Riverside Avenue   Riverside   $2.180M   1-3 p.m.   BHHS 
 8 Wildwood Drive   Greenwich   $2.195M   2-4 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 7 Lighthouse Lane   Old Greenwich   $2.2M   2-4 p.m.   Halstead 
 59 East Elm #Front   Greenwich   $2.295M   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 183 N. Maple Avenue   Greenwich   $2.295M   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 900 Lake Avenue   Greenwich   $2.475M   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 82 Lockwood Road   Riverside   $2.495M   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 444 Old Church Road   Greenwich   $2.745M   2-4 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 23 Meadowbank Road   Old Greenwich   $2.875M   2-4 p.m.   BHHS 
 67 Maher Avenue   Greenwich   $2.895M   11-1 p.m.   Douglas Elliman 
 378 Taconic Road   Greenwich   $2.95M   2-4 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 11 Dialstone Lane   Riverside   $2.995M   12-2 p.m.   Five Corner's 
 7 Nawthorne Road   Old Greenwich   $3.15M   1-3 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 3 Wynn Lane   Greenwich   $3.199M   1-3 p.m.   Compass 
 8 Rockwood Lane Spur   Greenwich   $3.295M   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 141 Milbank #West   Greenwich   $3.399M   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 52 Ridgeview Avenue   Greenwich   $3.4595M   1-3 p.m.   BHHS 
 141 Milbank Avenue   Greenwich   $3.599M   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 26 Cobb Island   Greenwich   $3.695M   1-3 p.m.   Abart 
 40 W Elm Street #6D   Greenwich   $3.75M   12-2 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 57 Partridge Hollow   Greenwich   $3.795M   12-3 p.m.   Sotheby's 
 55 North Street   Greenwich   $4.1M   2-4 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
 3 Hill Road   Greenwich   $4.495M   2-4 p.m.   Centric 
 10 W Crossway   Old Greenwich   $4.7M   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 21 Binney Lane   Old Greenwich   $4.795M   2-4 p.m.   BHHS 
 293 Chapman Lane   Greenwich   $5.799M   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 293 Chapman Lane   Greenwich   $5.799M   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 297 Chapman Lane   Greenwich   $5.99M   1-3 p.m.   Houlihan Lawrence 
 141 Milbank Avenue   Greenwich   $6.9M   1-3 p.m.   Coldwell Banker 
I have paid to open the MLS to you, so feel free to  search properties based on your own parameters or set up a portal to get notifications on a customized search.  For readers that just follow on the Greenwich Patch I will not be posting all entries on the patch.  You can read all postings at  www.greenwichrealestateguy.com/blog.   
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